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Journey to Enlightenment is an educational Flash game developed for the International Buddhist Temple.  The game is in the style of a RPG (Role Playing Game), where the key teachings of Buddhism can be explored and practiced in the virtual, fantastical world of the International Buddhist Temple.


A young boy called Milo visits the International Buddhist Temple to learn about Buddhism. While meditating, he is transported to a world where he embarks upon a mystical journey in order to learn the lessons and practices of Buddhism. To fulfill his quest for enlightenment, he will seek out and meet the deities represented by the five majestic statues housed within the International Buddhist Temple and experience the teachings of Buddha.


The game was fully designed and implemented by five students from the Masters of Digital Media program at the Great Northern Way Campus. 

> Game, Creative, and Level Design
        Matthew Schade

> Character and Animation Design
        Shahrzad Aghasharifianesfahani

> Interface and Programming Design
        Jeunessa Cheng

> Architectural Design
        Jason Ho

> Project Management and Sound Design
       Carmen Chow


"Enlightenment is not meant to be an object of religious faith. It is an evolutionary goal, something we want to become "

- Robert Thurman


Buddhist Temple Flash Game Documentary Video on Vimeo.